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Kinks in the Road

The top three feelings that I swim with on a daily basis are:

1) Guilt
2) Sadness
3) Anger

Guilt because I left the relationship. I know that I have done all that I can do, but I imagine that it is akin to the guilt that someone has surviving and accident when others didn’t.

Sadness is obvious.

Anger because this is not “supposed” to be where I am at 33. Where is my white picket fence, my 2 kids, SUV and a dog? Not that I want a white picket fence, but I did imagine that my life would be a little different.

I hope sooner than later I will get to to a point where those three are the background waves, instead of storm that is lashing at my soul.


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New Bike

A couple of weeks ago I bought a brand new bike. I haven’t had a nice new bike since 1992. So to have a new bike (the Kona Jake) is pretty exciting. Since buying the bike it has been a non stop buying fest: Panniers, front and back lights, a tool kit, spare tubes, slicks, gloves and shoe covers (for the rain). It is like christmas, without the surprise, every couple of days.

Being fairly mechanical I thought that it would be no problem to change the front knobby tire to a nice new slick tire. I first started with the removal of the knobby, which was extremely tight. In the process of fighting to get the rubber off I pinched the tube and putting two little holes in it. I fought the rest of the rubber off and slipped the new slick over the rim. I had a couple of what I thought where really cool patches. Self adhesive and everything… Unfortunately I didn’t realize they were temporary. They were only “enough to get you home patches”. I finished getting the tire on. Filled it up and was excited to bike to my uncle’s the next day.

Great ride there, 22 degrees with no wind either there or back. Half way back my patch gave out. So on the side of the Old Banff Coach Road in the wild rose bushes raking my ankles I patched the tube for the second time. 15 min later back on the road. Deciding that the patches that I bought had a limit use, I bought some good patches to fix the tube and a couple of extra tubes. At that point I found that all Presta valves are not the same in fact it seems like most bike shops and even MEC didn’t realize that Presta valves come in different lengths.

When I bought my bike the dealers at Bow Cycle forgot to mention that I needed extra long valves for the Kona Jake. So after buying 3 tubes at 2 different locations I finally made my way back to Bow Cycle where they apologized for the lack of information and gave me a deal on new tubes. They also showed my a couple of tricks on how to replace the tube and fill it correctly. I was thankful for their advice and decided that come Hell or High Water I would bike into work today.

Well the gods must have hear me and the morning ride was through big drops of freezing cold rain, tomorrow’s supposed to snow. It wasn’t so much of a problem except when I had to stop for red lights my glasses fogged up. My bike and I arrived safe and in one piece a little damp (to say the least) in a short 25 minutes. I’m kind of looking forward to the damp ride home. My bike is great and it makes riding something that I want to do.

Plus I think that I’ll have to ride all year to recoup the cost of the bike in the gas saving. Day one of the bike ride went well hopefully going home will be just as good.

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First Day

Well I have survived. Not that I thought that I wouldn’t, but the first day of class is always tough, whether you are the student or the teacher.

It is hard to believe that I will have to learn 116 students names in the next couple of weeks. 37, 38 in each of the grade 12 Biology’s and 41 in grade 11 Physic’s. The hardest part of the first days is knowing that I only have 34 desks, so in each and every class students will have to sit at the lab benches in the back. Not the best option, but you do what you have to.

We have just been informed that we’ll only have 5.5 janitorial staff to clean and look at a building with 2,200 students and a 3 acre footprint. This year will be interesting. Hopefully it won’t be like the Chinese curse “may your life be long and interesting”…

First day went without a hitch and I’m happy that the day is over. A celebratory beer must be waiting in the fridge for me at home.

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Flickr toys

A very creative sites which contains lots of fun toys for everything you might want to do with your Flickr photo’s.


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