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Hunting with whistles


Well is it official I can get rid of my $100.00 Blaze (bright orange jacket) and strap on the noise makers, because lawmaker aims to allow the blind to hunt .   According to Reuters, blind individual can use a laser sights so that their “seeing” companion can see where they are pointing their rifle. The proponent of the new law, Texas State Representative Edmund Kuempel, says that “This opens up the fun of hunting to additional people, and I think that’s great”

I am a strong supporter of hunting. I think that certainly in Alberta where most of the natural predators of big game have been killed or driven off, or where deer are more suited to the monoculture of cultivated land so their populations explode, hunting prevents disease and is a good population control. However there has to be a limit of who is physically able to hunt and who isn’t. I look like a creamsicle when I hunt for a reason, now not only will I be wearing Blaze, I will also have to toot a whistle and shake some bells as I stalk my prey…


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Panorama with Ryan

Ok two blogs in the same day… Another software goodie. According to Macupdate: “DoubleTake is for Mac users who like compact cameras, but sometimes wish they could magically pull out a wide angle lens of their pocket, or plug in a sensor with a few extra megapixels for that large print.” This is another program that is easy to use and it is shareware that can be used for 30 days before deactivation.

Pano3Panarama At Downton

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Every once and a while I get on a kick to download more Mac OSX software. In this latest round I downloaded a really cool digital photo editing program called LightZone (the demo can be found here). By using the free verision I was able to play and retouch a number of my pitures to create some pretty cool images. Although I have just scratch the surface of this product I think that it is more user friendly than Photoshop and I am certainley happy with the small bit of editing that I have done.

Disco Light
Disco Blue

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Back to work

It is a dangerous thing to let people know that you are not going to be at work, if you are a practical joker. After spending a great weekend with friends in one of my most favorite cities Vancouver I returned to work.


To find a very nice note in my box. I had carpooled in with a fellow teacher and usually as we walk by her class she stops while I continue on to mine. Tuesday was a little different we continued our conversation past her room all the way to mine. At this point I was getting a little suspicious. I opened my class to find that absolutely every thing had been carefully wrapped in Christmas paper. not only was my white board papered but everything that I had left on my desk, staplers, the hole punch, marking, my binders, computer, key board, mouse, calendar, clock, textbooks, doors….

Desks and Board

I could see why I had been followed to my class. someone had to witness my reaction. I laughed and smiled that the joke. It is nice to know that people will take that much time to punk you. I must be loved! Over the next couple days, I had found out that at least 5 teachers, all three of my classes, and another class had all come to help.  Thanks all for really making my week!

New Phone

New windows and faucets

I promised all of my students and those that had been involved, that I would only unwrap what I need (like my projector, and my telephone)…. I must say that I now have the most festive room in the school.

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Spring Remnants

A few spring remnants from the vibrant prairie.

Prairie grasses

Shaker Plant

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