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VW van Part 1


After Christmas Nan and I bought a 1973 VW van (also called a Kombi, or VW type 2).

Side view

I had been eyeing it for about 2 weeks sitting on a side street in Parkhill, when finally I drove Nan by it. I knew that I would be able to shake my impulse after Nan viewed the old, rusty, camper.

What I did know was that she has always wanted a VW van. We took it for a test-drive. The motor sounded good. A little under powered, but hey VW’s are not known for their spryness. During a second test drive Ben (the seller) took us to Precision 1 Auto where they specialize in fixing Vdubes and gave us the low down on what he had done to the van. The interior is in great shape and the canvas on the pop-top is without holes. There is some body rust, but with a lot of love, we’ll be able make her pretty and functional.

Inside forwards

Inside Back

Ben, had had the van for 4 years, and was looking a spending more time fixing his other two VW vans, which is the reason why he was selling it. He was asking $3,000.00 after a little bargaining we got him down to $2,500.00 and he threw in his 2 repair manuals. After the trip to the mechanic and the repair manuals I don’t know if he was giving us a heads up or not.


Happy little campers Nan and I drove off with our “new” orange camper van.

Our first drive we found that the heater didn’t work, not much of a surprise, being air cooled Vdubes are not know for their tropical heat production. This lack of heat was acutely felt as we drove home with shelves from IKEA. It was–30 out, and we hit rush hour. Nan kept the window scraped with a credit card as I navigated 45 minutes to Nan’s through traffic. It was a friggin’ –100 within the cab. Needless to say we were happy to finally get to the heat of home.

With our first few trips being successful it is time to take it to get checked out for safety

Next Blog Brakes and Front end.


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