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Disturbing Web Site

Well this week I have found one of my most favourite web tools and through it a site that really bugs me.

The first one is Stumble upon it is one of the most addictive add-ons to Fire Fox that I have found. It is better than channel surfing because it allows you to save and book mark these awesome pages as you come across them. When you first sign up you get to chose a few areas of interest. It takes you to sites that other people have favourite within those interests. You can change them at any time and add new ones as you see fit.

Through sites that I have stumbled upon I have learned the anatomy of a Black hole all the way to how to put flash memory into Any Ipod (Which will be great when the hard drive in my Ipod finally kicks it in) plus lots of awesome website design ideas…

On the flip side of the coin I have found a site that really disturbed me not for the content but for what it purports to do. Spam some one (no link given because it is evil). This is a spamming site where all you have to do is put in someone‚Äôs email address and it will farm out that address to “spackers” and “botnets”. You even get to choose why you are spamming them. The list is extensive and the more popular the larger the font. “Arrogant Fat B&tch” looks like the number one reason, with “Incompetent” and “loser” coming in a distant second and third.

There are many things that I have come across on the net. Some of them absolutely awful, so awful that they actively disturb long after looking at them. The awful usually are things that have happened in the past. I don’t know why this site has bugged me as mush as it does perhaps it is because it allows in the active participation of creating a major annoyances.

If you feel that you need to spam someone why don’t you face them and tell them why they are a jerk, instead of being a yellow bellied, chicken livered, buttwipe and hiding behind anonymous spammer.


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Up in air

Well Nan and I have thought a lot about our summer plans. The latest and greatest plan is a 6,555 km Road trip from Calgary to Calgary. This may sound crazy but we’ll travel: via Saskatoon, across Edmonton, left to Prince Rupert, swim to the Queen Charlotte Islands (Gwaii Haanas National Park), jump on the Ferry to Port Hardy, Trundle Down the Island to Tofino, across to Bamfield, Nip to Vancouver, then up to Powell River, for some much needed rest.

At which point I’ll head to Vancouver to hike with the Guys.

Back on the road heading inland to Kelowna, hop skip and a jump to Crowsnest pass, and sliding into Calgary just in time to work at the end of August…

According to Google Maps we should be able to make it in 4 days 11 hours. Hmmm… We’re going to take at least 40. We hope to travel no more than 250 km per day stopping in every armpit and gopher museum along the way.

Now if only I could get our VW on the road….

Our plan on Google

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Ok so there wasn’t any blood, nor sweat, nor tears… The bike ride went well, although I forgot about those little muscles that only get bruised by the seat of a bicycle (i.e. my butt hurt). We rode for about 5km out and 5 back. A good start. I was actually looking forward to our run the next day, but the gods are conspiring against this new healthy plan of ours and it has not stopped raining/sleeting since our ride.

First patch of blue will get us moving again.

Distance on Google Maps

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During spring break, which is sadly coming to an end, Nan and I headed up to my place of retreat Powell River. During our brief stay we ate wonderful meals, toured the town and thought of possibilities for the future.


We also had the treat in watching the beautiful Rufus humming bird, feed. I have always thought that Humming birds are one of the most extraordinary birds. There is something magical in their ability move at lighting speeds only to hover in an instant. The Rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus), summers in Powell River and migrates to Mexico each winter.


Throughout the day you might only see one or two at the feeder, but as the snow came in and things cooled off. There were at least 14 as see in this picture.


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