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Well only 5 months after buying the Orange Vanagon (name still pending) finally on the road. Well at least on the road in front of the house. So far we have done the following work:

1. Pulled the 1700 motor and replaced the main seal

2. Replaced the cap wires and all plugs

3. While we were at it replaced the clutch

4. Pulled out the Bin 4 gas heater and got it running on the bench

5. Replaced all the brakes and the front Callipers

6. Shined the hub caps

7. Reinstalled all the pieces including the motor

8. Fixed the linkage from the gas pedal to the engine

9. Reinstalled the bin4 heater

Once everything was back in Nan and I decided to take a test drive to Kananaskis. It was beautiful out and we thought that it would be nice to camp out for the night. I decided to stop and check to make sure everything was ok at the pull out just east of highway 40 on highway 1.


Unfortunately the engine could not be restarted after the pit stop. Although I didn’t know it until I had it towed back to the school (thank god for AMA) the right Solex carburettor was flooding right side of motor. Also this trip accentuated a knock in the engine to a really bad knock in front right piston.

After some discussion with the guys in the shop I decided that I needed a new engine.  So I inserted:

11. A rebuilt 1800 motor

12. A new right Solex Carburettor

13. New starter motor brushes

14. New voltage regulator

Test drive 2: Nan and I decided that it would be nice to head out right after work and go to Bragg creek or the mountains. In we jumped, had a great drive to Bragg Creek, and grab some dinner stuff from the little grocery. After great dinner in the Bragg Creek provincial park with almost nobody around, we head back for home. As I hit the city limits, I found the brakes to be a little soft. Not enough to panic, but enough to think “What now”. Once I got home, I did a visual check and found that the front right calliper was leaking, not wanting to fool around, I took it to the professionals the next day. They told me that all the brakes had been installed correctly, but the calliper was defective, and I should take it back to where I had it done.

Back to the school, thankfully the part was bought from NAPA so it was not a problem to have replaced. Two more days the van waited at the school, for the part and to be replaced.

Finally Friday I got her home, and Nan and I drove out to Cochrane for a great night of movies at one of Nan’s friends. We got all the way out and back with out a hitch, so with only a few minor things to do, the van will be ready for our great summer trip.



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