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This morning Dad and I were supposed to go to the gym, but being Easter Monday, the gym is closed and I am up bright and early. Now not early in the sense of work early (06.00) but early as in cabin early (08.00).

So I have some time to sit, listen to the waves and write.

There are many things that I really love about being on the coast. One thing that I really enjoy is being able to buy fresh seafood off the dock.

Yesterday throughout town there were home made signs informing us that there was “Fresh Halibut at the Government Dock” We didn’t pass up the opportunity and as you can see what started on the dock end in a delicious halibut dinner :).
23 # of Halibut

Price list

Price list for whole fish same price whether it was cut up or not

Cutting into fillets

Sanitized packing 🙂


We’ll take the carcass for chowder

Great dinner. A little wine wine, Halibut with a side of lemons. Fresh, organic and delicious!


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