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This weekend I had an awesome opportunity to spent the weekend with a master carver (Rick Wolcott) and five other carvers in turner valley.

The course started on Friday night with Rick handing use a blank that he had already bandsawed out for us. In other courses we would have done the rough work, but this weekend Rick wanted us to focus on the carving inself.

After adding some pencil lines to orient our carving I started working on adding some depth to the feahers.

The class was held in a double wide garage that had be designed for numerous types of artisan work.

After a great weekend he double raven was completed. There are enought elements in it that I should be able to transfer the skills that I learned into any west coast Salish piece that I wish to carve. Now the challenge will be to come up with the ideas!

For the whole carving only two types of knives were used. A pull knife and a bent knife. I was fortunate enough that I took a course earlier in the month where I made both of them.


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Eyes Wide Open

Owl monkey

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After being silent for a while I’ve decide to return to blogging. I’ve thought about starting up other blogs, under different names, but really that’d be a pain in the butt.

I also thought about what I want to teach my son as he grows up in a digital world, a world where crap happens. This last thought is the one that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about late at night as I rock him back to sleep.

In the whole scheme of things I forgot that sticks, stones, fists and other hard objects can break bones and really hurt you, but words are just that, words.

You have to give them power for them to hurt you.

I gave a lot of words power. That was a mistake on my part, a good lesson to relearn.

So there it is.

Look for more posts in the future.

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