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Malum aliud generat malum

Well I haven’t blogged in a while, mostly because of time, but also because of my very own Cyber “Stalker”. Since I don’t have a real name for this person he/she will now be called Grimalkin, (look it up) . I have decided that there is nothing that I can do about him/her and I’m not prepared to run and hide so I’ll just keep on with my life.

Grimalkin faded into the background for a while and I thought that he/she may have developed another passion, perhaps looking after many of cats. Then I noticed that I was receiving email newsletters form sites that I had not signed up for. They ranged form Frommers, the travel magazine, to Boston Pride. It was a odd collection.   But once again with an overwhelming homosexual theme.  Once again, is this supposed to enrage me?  Upset me?  Get with the times Grimalkin.  Calling someone gay, or insinuating that they are homosexual is not a put down.  You’ll be calling me “white” next.  Ouch that’d hurt.

I find it surprising that this day and age that you can sign up someone else to website’s email list and that they do not send a conformation email, to see if it was really you. These enewsletters were a little annoying, but really they were like spam so easily ignorable.

So to take it up a notch Gimalkin, has now taken my photo offline and set up an OK Cupid account. Supposedly:

I’m looking for that special man to share my life with. I am an active outdoorsman who loves to camp, hike, fish, and mountain bike so my special man needs to have a love for the outdoors and be able to keep up with me. On another side of me I don’t mind a quiet evening at home with my special someone, be it watching a movie or a quiet dinner or snuggling by the fireplace with a nice glass of wine.”

Looking at the rest of the profile I’m a bit of a catch. To bad that I’m madly in love with my sweetie and that I’m a straight as a lodgepole pine. Good thing that I’m comfortable with who I am. Grimalkin must really have no life. I’m beginning to feel sorry for her/him. Perhaps they need to see someone about their deeply disturbing troubles.

So once again, this is a calling to my cyber-harpy. Quit hiding and show yourself.


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